Raise Invoices

  • Generate invoices on-the-go.
  • Send invoices instantly to an email or Mobile (WhatsApp).
  • Mobile friendly. No need for computer or laptop.
  • Configure invoice format instantly.
  • Customise collect amounts.
  • Set payment terms - cash, credit or installment.
  • Multi-language.

Collect Payment Request

  • Receive payments on-the-go.
  • No need for card terminals or swipe machines.
  • Receipts auto generated and sent to buyer instantly.
  • Set and send payment reminders (email and WhatsApp)

Invoice Financing Solution

  • Sold the goods and waiting for the payment from your credit buyers? We are here to assist you through our preferred finance partners to support your working capital that is locked in your accounts receivable.
  • Invoice financing will allow the sellers to unlock upto 90%* of the credit sales invoice value to ease business cash flows.
  • If your business requires additional funds to improve cash flows, then convert your credit sales to cash. Sellers can apply for invoice financing for credit buyers through NIBERS preferred finance partners to transact seamlessly and in a highly secured manner.
    Click here to explore our Finance Partners’ Products and Services
    * subject to Finance Partners T&C

Real time Notification

  • Real time notifications and updates.
  • Ageing reports auto updated without any manual tracking or update.
  • Track paid and unpaid invoices without manual reconciliation.

Digitalization of documents

  • Digitalization of documents and available 24/7.
  • Minimizes manual paper flow.

Pay all Vendors

  • Pay invoices via Card Payment and enjoy additional credit terms*.
  • Easy tracking for repeat business.

Save Costs

  • Transaction Process Automation and cost reduction.
  • User Friendly – No training required.
  • Apply for Invoice Finance through our Finance Partners (subject to Partners T&C) and improve cash flow.

Audit Friendly

  • Audit Log
  • Easy Tracking of Invoices, Collections and Due Bills


  • Enterprise grade security.